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You don't have to feel lonely...

Life often presents situations where loneliness can creep in. Whether you're feeling alone in moments of pain, sorrow, or darkness, or when you're overflowing with happiness and joy that you want to share.

My name is Eve and I’m here to listen to you. You can freely open your heart, sharing whatever you need to express. I'll be your friend for as long as you need one.

Not always do we seek conversations with our relatives and friends, those who are well-acquainted with our lives and eager to guide us in what they believe is right or wrong.

Every person is unique, with their own special thoughts, and there are times when we simply desire the freedom to express
what's within us, without necessarily seeking advice or judgment from others.

''Being heard is like a warm hug for the soul''

Frequently asked questions

How does it work?
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If you find yourself in need of someone to hear you or require a friend to talk to, don't hesitate to contact me. I'm here for you. I will find time for you as soon as I can. My contacts:

What does this site offer?
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This site offers a caring friend when you need one, who will listen to your stories with care and empathy. You'll discover a friend who believes in listening more than speaking, valuing your words and experiences. Open heart conversations are a bridge to authentic connections, where you can speak from the heart, free from judgment, and find understanding in a caring friend.

Why have a friendly chat with me?
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Having a friendly chat with me can brighten your day and improve your mood. Or if you're feeling happy, let's enjoy it together. You can share with me the reasons for your happiness . I’m here to understand you. I’m not here to teach you how to live your life. I'm here without judgment. We live based on our feelings, without a fixed concept of right or wrong.

Who am I?
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I'm Eve, and I've reached my 40s. I'm just a simple and calm person who understands others. My life journey has been filled with fascinating experiences, primarily centered around connecting with people. I've been working with people for 23 years. I've had the privilege of connecting with numerous life stories, each one carrying its own distinct significance and richness.

Why am I here?
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I'm here as a compassionate listener, offering a non-judgmental friendship. I'm here because I enjoy hearing people's stories. Your concerns and struggles are important to me, and my aim is to deeply empathize and stand by your side during challenging times.I'm here to help you find joy in life.I'm here not only during difficult moments but also when you're filled with joy and want to share your happiness. Whether it's a celebration or a heart-to-heart conversation, I'm here to be a part of your journey.

Is it safe to chat with me?
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Of course, it's very safe. I don't record or film our conversation. It's completely confidential between us. You can trust me completely, nothing about you will ever be shared with anyone else.

What's our chat's time limit?
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We can chat for up to one hour, but if you'd like to continue the conversation and I have more time available, we can definitely keep talking. Your comfort and preferences are important to me.

What is the price for this service?
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You are free to decide the value of our conversation and pay accordingly.

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